new February class!

Hey guys! I’m doing a new pop up class for the month of February! Important Details: Tuesdays (Feb 7, 14, 21, 28) at 7:30pm at Cycle Couture at 926 College St $15 per class or pre-register for all four for $50. The classes will be focus on stretching and releasing the hips and shoulders from every angle, as well as strengthening areas that become weak after lots of riding, sitting, sleeping, modern living… Absolutely everyone welcome! Cyclist or not, you’ll benefit from and enjoy this class. Call or text me to sign up (647 687 8937) or stop by the shop at 926 College Street.


When I posted my promo for Christmas last week a trainer / massage therapist that I’d met and worked out with before got in touch to sweeten the deal a bit. Brandon Muller is offering a 90 minute massage for only $40 more dollars! For yourself or as a gift, this is the ultimate movement and self-care package –Come move around with me to establish a good connection to your own body and gain confidence in your movement, and then let Brandon massage, activate, cup and basically take care of whatever our moving around together works up. Get a jump start on a healthier 2017! I spent a few hours with Brandon this morning and learned SO MUCH about some inefficiencies and imbalances in my own body, and had a fantastic deep tissue massage. ALL OF THIS FOR $140 GUYS YOU’RE DUMB IF YOU DON’T AT LEAST BUY ONE OF THESE PACKAGES FOR YOURSELF!!!  

give the gift of abs

Give someone (or maybe yourself!) a little help with their New Year’s Resolution! What better gift to receive than 3 hours of time dedicated to moving, breathing, strengthening and appreciating yourself? The abs are just a bonus! Contact me for more details, and I’ll send you a card that can be printed and stuffed into a stocking 🙂  – b    

hi internet!

I have a website! It’s still a work in progress but it’s getting there. I’m excited to have my own little space on the world wide web, and I’m looking forward to using this blog as a platform to share what I’m learning, who or what is inspiring and motivating me, and where my fitness journey is taking me. For now, here’s a bit of background on who I am and how I got here! I’m Brittney Adams, I’m a personal trainer in Toronto. My love of fitness comes from a sincere place of respect, appreciation and fascination for the human body. Watching my clients slowly come to enjoy moving, to see them become enthralled with the sensations of moving and in awe of their own capability is the best part of my job 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed being active – from a child I figure skated, swam competitively, played rugby, soccer, and whatever sport was available to play at the time. My first job was as a lifeguard, and I worked as a bike messenger here in Toronto for three years. It was during my time as a messenger that I started going to yoga at Octopus Garden in search of relief for the wear and tear on my body that riding a bike with a heavy bag had caused. The effect was immediate – my body was so sore, tight and tired from not taking care of it. This was the beginning of my self-care journey and the initial spark of my passion for

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